Social Society & Digital Citizenship

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The number of internet users is expected to rise to around 4.14 billion as early as 2021. They are making more and more use of digital offers. In Germany alone, around 19 million people order food at least once a month via online portals. What was unthinkable years ago is now common practice. Applications are sent by e-mail, people continue their education via online courses and official channels are also handled via online administrative portals.

Digital progress and its technologies have penetrated almost all areas of human life and determine everyday life. The smartphone has become a constant companion and apps a must-have. Street maps are obsolete, Google Maps helps. When the tram, train or bus will arrive can be researched in seconds.

Digital tools create such a dependency that life without smartphones, internet access and the like is no longer imaginable. Society is undergoing immense change as a result. Terms like digital identity, e-participation or e-voting characterise the vocabulary of the 21st century. Especially in the classroom, trainers have to face these challenges.

CUMILA shows how this can be dealt with in the classroom with numerous elaborated teaching units.

In order to introduce CUMILA to a wider audience, we present the project in detail in an online presentation. Get to know the individual components of CUMILA better and learn how you can use CUMILA yourself.

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