The partners

The CUMILA project consortium introduces itself…


Medienkompetenz Team e.V.

The Medienkompetenz Team e.V. is a non-profit association located in Karlsruhe, Germany. Their goal is to raise the level of media literacy in general public – especially in terms of important main topics like privacy, data protection and promotion of all required competences of the digitalization. Today, MKT provides trainings, presentations and workshops for children and young people, students, teachers, parents and all interested persons. We cover all topics related to digitalisation and digital transformation. MKT is working closely together with the municipality child and youth welfare office in Karlsruhe – which is also a member of our association.

Mail: info [at]


Akademie für politische Bildung und demokratiefördernde Maßnahmen 

The Akademie für Politische Bildung und demokratiefördernden Maßnahmen is a small non-profit association with civic education, equal opportunities for unemployed and employed persons of all ages, migrants and especially for women on the labor market and learning opportunities. Through a variety of educational opportunities for schools, businesses and public institutions, the PBA supports the personal and academic development of children, adults and disadvantaged people. The aim of their activities is to promote civic education through targeted educational offers, international understanding and cooperation as well as through written, visual and auditory documentation and to support disadvantaged groups to participate in society.



Centre for the innovation and development of education and technology

CIDET is a training and consultancy company focused on adult learning and technology-enhanced education. CIDET is set in the city of Castellón (Spain) but works in cooperation with partners throughout the whole country and abroad. As a training, consultancy and ICT experts, the main strengths of CIDET are the expertise and knowledge acquired when developing and creating learning environments, courses, training activities and materials. In CIDET we always pursue continuous improvement (through evaluation and quality processes), innovation (research on pedagogy, but also ICT tools) and social impact (dissemination, change, exploitation).

Mail: info [at]

We ♥ Open Source

CUMILA is supported by xWIKI SAS.

The CUMILA Wiki is based on the xWiki system – the advanced open source system for enterprise wikis. xWiki SAS offers xWiki hosting in its own cloud. The company received the 2018 award for Best Open and Ethical Company from the Association of Free Software and Open Digital Companies (CNLL).

The CUMILA Wiki is provided with the kind support of xWiki SAS.

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