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The need to communicate is driven above all by the need to pass on information and to receive information. The internet enables the dissemination of information, ever faster and more effectively. While around 677 million people worldwide used the internet in 2002, by 2017 it was already 3.6 billion people.

The decisive factor for this development was and is that the contents of the internet are important for almost all areas of people’s lives, be it for personal development or for everyday professional life. The internet enables the most diverse forms of communication in social coexistence. This requires a certain know-how to realise communication processes in a responsible and goal-oriented way.

The broad field of digital communication allows the most diverse forms of communication, overcomes time and space and also poses certain challenges to its users. The communication possibilities via social media and messenger services have become increasingly important in recent years.

Instant messenger services have become one of the most important means of communication worldwide. The significant increase in users, supported by the widespread use of smartphones, has completely turned people’s communication behaviour upside down in the 21st century. Messenger services have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, both in the private sphere and in professional communication. It has never been so easy to reach so many population groups on such a large scale as it is today.

As useful and beneficial as these means of communication are, they also confront society with risks. In particular, cyberbullying and hate speech are increasingly becoming the focus of public discussion. Netiquette and chatiquette rules have to be constantly rethought and adapted for the innovative means of communication.

Social media channels are the new drivers of content distribution. Today, everyone can produce their own content and distribute it immediately. Be it via one’s own website or via social media platforms, for example via one’s own YouTube channel. These digital tools are mainly used in a professional context to work together. Collaborating with each other has never been so easy?

The Module “Communication and Collaboration” of the CUMILA project is focussing in these aspects.

In order to introduce CUMILA to a wider audience, we present the project in detail in an online presentation. Get to know the individual components of CUMILA better and learn how you can use CUMILA yourself.

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