Raising Children in the Digital Age

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While for a long-time parenting used to be about passing on your experiences and knowledge to your children, in the digital age parents are faced with a situation where they themselves must learn a lot of new things. The CUMILA curriculum therefore dedicates an entire chapter to the question how to raise children in the digital age.

The first section will be about the social effects of the digital transformation and which skills people will need in the future to get along both in their private lives and in the business environment. The so-called “digital competencies”, like life-long learning, teamwork, working in international teams and creativity are examined in detail. Parents are given advice how to support their children in developing these competencies. The section will also address aspects of future work perspectives, so that parents can assist their children in the process of professional orientation.

The second part explains challenges and risks families are facing in the digital world and how parents can support their children to get along well in this environment. Aspects like frequency of media use, technological aids to restrict device usage, how to use social media, games and online communication are giving parents a framework to help their children grow into the digital world as responsible users.

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