Partner presentation: Akademie für politische Bildung… (AT)

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We like to introduce the partners of the project consortium. Today we present our partner from Austria:

The “Akademie für politische Bildung und demokratiefördernde Maßnahmen”…

  • is a non-profit association for promoting political education.
  • was founded in 2017 with the aim of increasing equal opportunities in the further education sector.
  • supports the personal, educational development of children, adults and disadvantaged people.
  • participates in European Union projects.
  • cooperates with schools, companies and educational institutions.
  • designs teaching materials


Digitization – media literacy is an indispensable part of everyday life and is an integral part of the education sector. Despite the constant use of smartphones and the like, handling the new media and communication technologies has to be learned. In the area of adult education, many resources remain unused because media literacy is not sufficiently integrated into the classroom. With the conception of this Curriculum Guides of Media and Information Literacy For Adults, we want to offer workshops in the future and, in the spirit of inclusion, self-directed learning by promoting equal opportunities, we want to accelerate the expansion of participation and learning opportunities.

Petra Hauser

As the association management of the Academy for Political Education and Democracy-promoting Measures, I am responsible for initiating, designing and handling projects on a national and international level.

Petra Hauser, a qualified pedagogue with a university degree in history, specializing in German philology, has supported young people and women as experienced apprentice trainers on their way into the world of work. As a systemic coach, she realizes systemic consulting workshops, communication and soft skills training. Due to her studies in political education, she is responsible for all relevant questions on this topic and works for the University of Teacher Education Upper Austria for teacher training in the field of political education. Ms. Hauser designs teaching materials for children, teenagers and adults in this area. A key area is active citizen participation. Ms. Hauser is also an expert on gender issues, especially in women-specific training. Ms. Hauser already has experience in the implementation of many EU projects.

Sarah Kerstin Breuer-Sirat

As the deputy management of the Academy of Political Education and measures to promote democracy, I am ultimately responsible for the implementation of the pedagogical concepts and head the business area “Contact LENS”.

Sarah Breuer has a university degree in social economy. She focused on innovation and organization. She has experience coaching teenagers and young adults. In addition, she is technically well trained for competence tests and professional coaching for adults. Due to her studies in political education, she leads workshops for children on the subject of political education and is currently responsible for the conception of teaching methods and the creation and editing of podcasts. In the field of technology, she has acquired a lot of self-teaching and is available to the association as a specialist.

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